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Professional market research for medical devices, medical disposables, OTC-products and medical services

Accurate knowledge about markets, customers and competition

We at DTO Research are specialized in generating and analysing information worldwide to ensure that you as a manufacturer of medical devices, medical disposables or OTC-products can implement the right decisions and strategies. Thereby we normally generate information via expert interviews (competitors, (potential) customers, associations, dealers etc.) and are able to provide the bigger picture by the combination of different opinions and estimations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our market research service for medical devices, medical disposables, OTC-products or medical services. Contact us via phone under +49 (0)211 179660-0 or e-mail info@dto-research.de.  

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Management team

Kai Wichelmann

Senior Consultant /
Head of Medical Research

The graduated business psychologist (M.A.) is head of DTOs Health Care unit and is specialist for qualitative research via expert interviews in less transparent markets.


Phone: +49 211 / 179 660-16

About DTO Research

DTO Research is an international operating market research and consulting company with the focus on b2b and industry research. Our core competencies include the analysis of competitors, market potentials, customers and suppliers, trends and markets in over 100 countries worldwide. Besides doing the analytical framework, we assist our customers in planning and implementing market specific strategies for business improvements in existing markets as well as strategies to penetrate and cover new market potentials.

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